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A road trip through Marseille, Aix and Les Calanques (Part 1)

  • November 12, 2019
  • By Shev
A road trip through Marseille, Aix and Les Calanques (Part 1)

One has to envy the French, numerous possibilities of picturesque staycations – hire a car and explore the landscape of any region, each of which has each own set of characteristics. When you ask your french friend, what he is up to for the holidays and he goes : ‘Oh nothing much, just a road trip in the South of France…. Well nothing much sounded very good to me. 


The circuit of the road trip was Marseilles – Les Calanques – Cassis – Aix – Marseilles. We flew from Paris to Marseilles and rented a car from the airport. Marseilles is a beautiful port with a main street running up to the train station at the top and descending to a magnificent harbour view. 

Our first lunch was one of the most memorable lunches of my whole life, figuring in my top ten lunch experiences, clearly influenced by the host, Mme Ida. She is a ball of energy and exudes an air of optimism and good nature I have rarely seen during a lunch service. 

They were mostly locals present at Chez Ida when we arrived, which is always a good sign. It is a simple bistro style restaurant serving meditteranean food. Lunch was spectacular, delicious and fresh and peppered with lively chats with Ida while she walks around and engages her customers. 

Ham and Melon for Starter:

Homemade Raviolis with bolognese sauce for main. 

We had an excellent red wine which clearly we forgot to take pictures of. Sorry folks, Kodak moment. 

We spent the afternoon, strolling around the harbour, posing to admiring the cathedral and the port through different view points (including a very modern museum totally in contrast with the landscape!). 

The day ended with a drink at Sofitel Marseilles, where you get another vantage point of the city. 

By Shev, November 12, 2019
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