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A road trip through Marseille, Aix and Les Calanques (Part 2)

  • November 28, 2019
  • By Shev
A road trip through Marseille, Aix and Les Calanques (Part 2)

Go to: Torrefaction Noailles for your morning Joe 

The main shopping street in Marseilles is called La Canebière and we kickstarted the day with a typical breakfast at the bar at Torrefaction Noailles, some good old french pastries and coffee. If time was not limited, we would also have mimicked the other gentlemen at the bar, calmly perusing the morning newspapers while sipping their espressos. 

We set out for Les calanques by rental car, trust me there is no better way to enjoy the sweeping views! Some good jazz while you are at it, feel free to play the DJ if you happen to be the copilot. 

Les calanques is an area of natural beauty, also known as Les calanques de Marseille, is a geological formation, composed of limestone and granite and made up of deep, narrow valleys stretching along the Mediterranean coast. The journey can also be made by boat to enjoy the views from a different angle. 

Go to : Le Nautica Des Goudes for lunch

The panoramic restaurant serves fresh fish and seafood and has an open terrace where you can bask in the view. Trust me, life feels very fulfilling while sitting at this spot. By nature (no pun intended), I have a restless personality and I try very hard to abide by Ekhart Tolle’ philosophy of being present in the now. Well Tolle would be very proud of me now. 

We ended the day driving to Cassis and taking in the view of the port while having a drink. No recommendation here, just grab some empty chairs in any of the cafés by the harbour and watch time slow down. 

By Shev, November 28, 2019
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