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3 restaurants to check out in Tokyo

  • October 16, 2019
  • By Shev
3 restaurants to check out in Tokyo

Gonpachi Nishiabazu

Gonpachi is a popular restaurant in Tokyo, made famous as it inspired the director of Kill Bill to model a fight scene in the first volume of the Kill Bill series. If you have not seen the first Kill Bill movie, it will definitely motivate you to watch the film to find similarities.

We had dinner there on a saturday night and regarding the dining scene in Tokyo, reservations are highly recommended. The place is dimly lit and was fully packed,  spanning two floors with a dining hall on the ground floor and tables lining the contour of the second floor. For a visual experience, I would have preferred to sit on the first floor to take in the scene but since we were a group of six we got sat in a corner table which made for a more cozy and private experience.

Service is super fast and we got served a ‘live show’ which was mildly reminiscent of a teppanyaki experience when the waiter was artfully mixing the fried rice we ordered. The menu is authentically Japanese, typical of an IZAKAYA restaurant with a mix of Japanese staples, such as sushi, tempura, yakitori, soba.

While I spent only nine days in Japan, I would risk the generalisation here that it is hard to have really bad food in Japan. Hence, food at Gonpachi was definitely palate pleasing, especially the wagyu portions with mashed potatoes left a mark! This place is highly touristy but the whole experience will not disappoint with the buzzing atmosphere and unique setting.

Rokkasen in Shinjuku

This restaurant offers excellent yakinuku (Japanese bbq) and on the high end of the restaurant spectrum. Ideally located a short distance from shinkuju station, this japanese grill is an ideal location after a hectic day exploring Shinjuku area. While it is definitely pricey, expect high-graded beef with some beautiful marbling, it is limit artistic if you are a beef fan. I would also recommend if you are pressed for time in Tokyo as it is an opportunity to taste Japanese grade cuts in an all-you-can-eat fashion.

We got seated in a private room in typical sit down Japanese affair with two grills mounted on the dining table. An important note here is that we got told the restaurant is fully booked when we called, which it is normally but thanks to our friend’s ‘do not take no for an answer’ attitude we checked it out in person and got a table!

Once you choose the menu option, the staff keeps bringing the goodies and let the grilling fun begin!


Japan, the birthplace of Sushi. It goes without saying (but i will still say it), it is hard to eat sushi, especially at chains abroad, once you have sushi in Japan. Sushizanmai is a chain in Japan but do not be put off by the fact that it is a sushi chain. The fish is fresh and almost buttery in taste and the menu is affordable. Can you have better sushi somewhere else? Of course, it is Japan. But you are also going to pay five star prices. This is excellent level food with good service and value for money, I would definitely advise for a beginner’s experience but am going back if I go back to Tokyo or if i see the brand in a different country where they have installed base.

By Shev, October 16, 2019
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