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Excellent restaurants around the Champs Elysées – Avoiding the tourist traps

  • February 16, 2020
  • By Shev
Excellent restaurants around the Champs Elysées – Avoiding the tourist traps

When I was a Parisian novice and checking out the tourist must see spots for the first time, like the Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Concorde and Trocadero, friends and I ended up in quite a few bad places. I mean, really bad, think burnt fries and a dry club sandwich (but amazing views!). On top of that, they break the bank, twice. 

A medium rare steak at Bistro

The most obvious way to avoid such tourist traps is to choose a high-end restaurant or highly rated hotel restaurant but it is impossible to sustain that sort of budget for long, unless you travel like Kim Kardashian (then you get robbed).

To my great happiness, I have discovered some quality food spots in a very touristy area, some are literally minutes from the Champs Elysées while some are more towards the Eiffel Tower side (post coming up). But you can trust me, you will not be disappointed. 

Restaurant Le Sens Unique

Located few minutes from the main shopping street, this is my most precious find!

French onion soup..Be careful, it’s piping hot

A French bistro based mainly on cuisine from ‘Perigourd’, they offer an excellent wine list and also have their own takes on various non-local plates like the chicken Caesar salad.

A different take on the chicken Caesar Salad

I came here twice in the same year and that says a lot. The cozy , dim bistro atmosphere is great for couples or if you want to have a ‘bar a vin’ experience.  Also, has some bar seats if you are having lunch or dinner on your own (great opportunity to interact with the staff who are extremely friendly).

Restaurant Oxte

Tucked in a little street (Rue Troyon), a few minutes’ walk from the Arc de Triomphe roundabout, it can easily be missed. My first reaction when I arrived at the restaurant was that the décor looked more like a luxury furniture shop from the fifties (or ahead of its time?); with their green velvet chairs and bright glossy tables. I was transported.

French Mexican fusion….a twist on the traditional mole sauce

The semi salted butter is homemade, bread is outsourced but boasts of an excellent acidic and slightly burnt taste.

Staff recommended the pulpo, soft octopus with squares of potatoes accompanied with mini onions that I was not a fan of; however, sauce is to die for.

The staff regularly checks up on you and for the grand finale, a baba au tequila flambé!

The chef is of Mexican origins but has been in Paris for over fifteen years and he came to greet the customers after service which was an excellent finale to the dining experience.


Who remembers Louis de Funes?

How was your bistro experience in Paris? If you are longing for an authentic bistro experience, go to Bizetro. The night I was there, there were some tourists instagramming away but what I really liked about Bizetro was the mixture of locals and foreigners alike. 

At the bar area, regulars were busy chatting away to the bar staff and the collegial atmosphere was contagious.

The gentleman serving me was extremely attentive and proposed an ‘oeuf meurette’ for the first course (poached eggs in a bourguignon style sauce). The wine suggestion was saint Amour, a Beaujolais wine with fruity notes. 

Des oeufs meurette

The steak I had as main was cooked to perfection, as does the French. I would conclude the Bizetro experience as good authentic food which is affordable. You can also happily check bistro in Paris from your list 🙂

By Shev, February 16, 2020
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