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Istanbul for coffee lovers on a short trip

  • February 2, 2020
  • By Shev
Istanbul for coffee lovers on a short trip


For the authentic Turkish coffee experience, I highly recommend this place. If the weather is nice, you can join the locals outside and enjoy your stylish  local coffee.

The place is rather tiny with only a few seating spots inside but being inside provides the best vantage point for watching the coffee being made. Turkish coffee is very strong and to be honest leaves an unpleasant aftertaste for my palate. However, even if you are not a Turkish coffee lover, this is not your typical modern coffee shop and I would encourage the detour. I love this place and would come back anytime, just for the act of holding those tiny cups (maybe the aftertaste is an acquired taste). Watch the master Turkish coffee makers at work in this little coffee house that dates back to 1967.

Ministry of Coffee Roastery

Istanbul also has its fair share of modern coffee shops. I had a very good breakfast here with a simple but well made avo on toast. MOC boasts of fairly decent space with an area for bookworms or working on your laptop as well as an open space area for brunching or chilling with your cat.

Norm coffee Istanbul

Located in Cihangir, a neighbourhood type ‘village’ located within the city, it was well worth the long walk from our city centre hotel. Norm coffee blends in the community, which has attracted artists and writers and I can see the appeal. You can feel the community vibe as we were greeted by cats and families already settled in the cozy space. There is a selection of locally roasted coffee, I repeated my flat white order as it was too fabulous to consider anything else!

By Shev, February 2, 2020
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